Should You Be Using A Leave-In Conditioner?

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Should You Be Using A Leave-In Conditioner?

Should You Be Using A Leave-In Conditioner? 590 593 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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You may be thinking, “I use conditioner every time I shampoo…do I really need to be using a leave-in conditioner, too?” The answer? Leave-in conditioner may seem superfluous, but don’t be so quick to judge. These sprays do so much more than moisturize strands – and because they aren’t limited to the shower, your hair can reap the benefits all day long!

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It’s Not All The Same

First and foremost, it’s time to stop thinking of all conditioners the same. Leave-in conditioners are formulated differently than standard rinse-out conditioners. They tend to be lighter and take your in-shower conditioning routine a step further. By regularly dosing with extra moisture, your strands don’t have a chance to dry out, snap, and fray. It’s much easier to keep your hair in healthy condition than to repair it once the damage is already done.

It Detangles

Few of us are exempt from experiencing the frustration that comes with a stubborn tangle. Whether it’s a result of an all-night party sponsored by too much hair spray (is there such a thing?) or a symptom of stringy strands in need of a haircut, the right leave-in can handle it all. When your tresses are more manageable and easier to detangle, you’re less prone to breakage and split ends. Pro tip: for hair that is especially tanglesome, use a wide-tooth comb to work out knots, rather than a brush.

It Protects

Leave-in conditioner is your protection from Mother Nature’s elements, as well as all the heat damage you do to your hair on a regular basis. A few spritzes of leave-in conditioner keeps your strands moisturized and your color vibrant. It also acts as a barrier before styling, helping to protect your hair from the damage that comes with blow-drying, styling, straightening, curling and everything else you put your precious strands through.

It Heals

Regular use of leave-in conditioner doesn’t just protect hair, it also heals it! Think of it like taking daily vitamins – but for your strands! It adds a deeper level of moisturization while strengthening the core structure of your hair. Leave-in conditioners typically contain humectants that help hydrate and soften strands, making them more elastic and leaving hair nourished.

Finding The Right Formula

IMG 6402Like all hair products, the right formula makes all the difference. Super Comb Prep & Protect Spray is our go-to and it’s ideal for all hair types – it doesn’t discriminate! Its lightweight formula soaks into strands, rather than coating them. Translation: it works without adding build-up or that greasy, heavy feeling. In addition to detangling with gusto, it also provides color and UV protection and can be used on both wet and dry hair. We recommend using on towel-dried hair after showering and prior to styling. Added bonus: Super Comb can be cocktailed with other Number 4 products. If sexy, undone, air-dried waves is what you’re after, mix 2-3 pumps of Styling Foam with Super Comb and voila!


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