Valentine’s Day Twisted Updo Tutorial

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Valentine’s Day Twisted Updo Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Twisted Updo Tutorial 402 320 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour, Dah-lings!

The season of love is upon us, and I am thrilled to share one of my favorite romantic updos that everyone (and I mean, everyone) can do! It’s a simple twist with face framing curls that is both fabulous and foolproof! Follow along with our video tutorial to achieve this gorgeous look in time for your next hot date.


Start by spraying Thermal Styling Spray into damp hair then blowing dry. Divide hair into upper and lower sections and begin curling your lower section with a 1-inch barrel iron. Repeat the process on the top layer and finish by gently finger combing your curls to loosen them from Shirley Temple tightness to Gisele glamour.


To begin, separate a horseshoe section from the top of one ear to the other and secure with a large clip. In other words, secure the portion of your hair that would be covered by a baseball cap. If you have face-framing layers, be sure to leave those loose.

Gather the lower section and twist. Pay attention to how tight you twist, as it will dictate how formal your updo looks. Once you’ve twisted all the way, secure with bobby pins. To loosen, gently tug on opposite ends for a more undone lower twist.

Then, release the top section and gently smooth away any flyaways or frizz. Again, gather the top section and twist, securing the loose ends with bobby pins, but remember: the tighter the twist, the more classic the look.

For the finishing touch, create separation in the pieces that are framing your face by applying a pea-sized amount of Texture Styling Crème. Last but not least, set the look with a spritz or two of Mighty Hair Spray to make it last all evening long!

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