Protect Wet Hair & Minimize Damage With Our Vegan Hair Care Products

vegan hair care products

Protect Wet Hair & Minimize Damage With Our Vegan Hair Care Products

Protect Wet Hair & Minimize Damage With Our Vegan Hair Care Products 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

vegan hair care productsBONJOUR DAH-LING!

The hot weather has started creeping up on us, and for some that means it’s time to start air-drying your hair and use only vegan hair care products. Okay, it’s not the most glamorous look we understand, leaving the house with soaking wet hair can make us feel like we’ve put no effort into our appearance. However it does your hair a lot better than drying it with heat from a hairdryer.

Caring for your wet hair is just as important as looking after it when it’s dry. You’d think hair is hair and it’s the same either way. To get a little scientific, the proteins that make up each strand (keratin) form weaker hydrogen bonds, meaning there’s a greater chance of damage when being pulled, stretched, bent or roughly handled.

So, it’s super important to know the best ways to look after your hair when it’s freshly washed, let’s keep those locks looking luscious and silky smooth for years to come. Number 4 vegan hair care products is here to help you out as usual. So why not take a look at our tips on taking care of your wet hair?

Brush your hair before you wash it

To all you babes who brush your hair only after it’s been washed… eek, how?! You’re giving yourself extra work, it can be tough getting through those tangles. Always brush your hair before you wash it to reduce the knots, and this will minimize breakage. It’s also important to note that brushing your hair from your roots can cause damage. Start from the ends and work your way up, whether it’s wet or dry.

Comb wet hair

It’s so easy to get used to using the same old brush morning and night, whether your hair is wet or dry. Your hair swells (sounds weird, we know) by 20-30% when it’s wet, so brushing it can make it snap like a rubber band!

Using a wide-tooth comb is much gentler on your locks and will be best for minimal damage. We love to use the Number 4 Detangling Comb to avoid major breakage.

Avoid hot tools on your soaking wet strands

We can’t help but cringe at the thought of using hot tools on our wet hair. It’s never a good idea to use smoking hot straighteners even when hair is damp, unless of course you’re into that fried and frizzy look. Dah-ling! For the smoothest and silkiest hair, please avoid this. We repeat, DO NOT cook your hair! There are no exceptions. Hot tools are for dry hair only.

Well, maybe a hairdryer is an exception, but we highly recommend you leave it to air dry for a little first as your hair is at its weakest when it’s straight-out-of-the-shower wet.

Of course, when you do come to use them, make sure to prep your hair with Number 4’s Smoothing Balm. Use a small amount when your hair is wet to help fight unruly and frizzy hair, but also to protect it from any heat damage.

Be gentle with your strands

You might not realize this, but there’s a right way to dry your hair too. Rather than getting a towel and scrubbing it dry, try patting it with a soft cotton t-shirt and gently squeezing the water out with your hands. Est, c’est magnifique! Your hair will surely be a lot easier to handle afterwards, plus you’ll have none of those additional knots.

Invest in a good conditioner

There will be whispers all around you, and gossiping as to how you get your hair so healthy and shiny. Dahling! Conditioner is your best friend and is that extra step in your hair care routine to take – without a doubt. Conditioning will help with the look and feel of your hair, and make the combing-through after washing it so much easier. Our favorite is the Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect. Not only is it ideal for detangling all hair types, it gives you UV protection and leaves you with a long-lasting shine that others will be envious of.

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