Even More Ways To Style Short Hair This Spring

Styled short hair in Spring

Even More Ways To Style Short Hair This Spring

Even More Ways To Style Short Hair This Spring 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


It seems as if everyone’s taking the plunge and opting for shorter locks! If you’ve taken it as a sign and gone shorter, but unsure on how to style it, you’re not alone.

Your cut looked amazing when you left the salon but you may have challenges once you try to style it at home.

Here are three ways to style short hair this Spring using vegan hair care products like N4’s high performance range.

Styled short hair in Spring

Voluminous Waves

If you’re used to having your bob sleek and straight then maybe it’s time to switch it up with a different texture. Nothing screams spicy strands more than a head full of bouncy waves!

This is the perfect style to go for if you have thinner hair as the look is going to add so much volume. It’s also super easy to achieve and to keep looking nice throughout the day and night.

Full-bodied waves can be created with hair tongs, but if you’re looking for a quicker and healthier alternative then we recommend using N4s Sugar Texturizing Spray. It’s going to take limp and lackluster strands and transform them into soft and untouchable waves.

This hard-working spray really focuses on your hair texture and makes sure to shield you against humidity so you can ensure you’re full of volume but looking smooth rather than frizzy!

Simply lightly spray onto either dry or damp hair and let it air dry or dry with a diffuser. We like to give our locks a little scrunch with our hands after applying the spray to really get those waves working. It’s a handy little product that you can pop in your bag if you feel you need to touch your hair up throughout the day.

Baby Braid It

If you’re looking to go the opposite way from spice and you’re after a cutesy look then you should try baby braids!

Baby braids are quite literally what they’re called. Mini plaits around the top of your head whilst the rest of your hair is down. It’s actually the perfect style as we head into spring and summer, and you can even customize it with different colored elastic bands.

The best way to start this look is to ensure you’ve tackled any frizz with the N4 Smoothing Balm. Because your locks are short and the plaits are so mini, you want to make sure they’re not going to be hiding amongst your unruly hair!

N4s Smoothing Balm has lots of teeny tiny smoothing molecules that work hard to make sure your style is left truly polished. It’s such a simple step to add into your hair wash routine too! All you have to do is distribute a small amount on to damp hair and blow dry as desired.

Begin braiding your locks from the two front pieces of your hair and add the little plaits all around the top of your hair.

Accessorize Short Hair

If you know us dah-ling, you know we love a stylish hair accessory! And as we prepare to head into a new season you can really play around with what you’re wearing.

Right now you can opt for colored hair slides and clips, mini claw clips, headscarves, and even pretty headbands.

The number one styling tip we can give if you’re looking to accessorize it to make sure you’re finishing your look with a spritz of hair spray. The N4 Mighty Hair Spray is going to give you such an amazing hold but without that horrible stiff hairspray feeling.

So you can go on with your day without having that sticky and stiff feeling every time you move your head!

And there you have it dah-ling! You will have your bob looking beautiful with these styling ideas – and they’re perfect for the seasons coming.

If you’re looking for more styling tips, make sure to check out how to Invest in your selfie with these top styling tips.

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