Elevate Your Style with Wednesday Bangs: Number 4 Hair Care’s Secret to Perfect Trendy Fringes

Wednesday bangs styled hair

Elevate Your Style with Wednesday Bangs: Number 4 Hair Care’s Secret to Perfect Trendy Fringes

Elevate Your Style with Wednesday Bangs: Number 4 Hair Care’s Secret to Perfect Trendy Fringes 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Are you ready for a fresh fall look that’s turning heads and dominating social media feeds? It’s time to talk about the ‘Wednesday bangs’ trend. Yes, you heard right! This hair trend is NOT just a Halloween hairdo – inspired by the iconic Wednesday Addams, Wednesday bangs is the latest craze, and it’s safe to say that we’re just as obsessed.

Wednesday bangs styled hair

Where Did “Wednesday Bangs” All Start?

Our favorite gothic goddess from the “Addams Family,” Wednesday Addams, has always been known for her signature look – long, dark braids and those straight-across bangs. But now, thanks to the popular TV series Wednesday, this classic look has been catapulted into the present day as the hottest new hairstyle. And who’s been rocking this look? Jenna Ortega, of course! Her version of the double braid and iconic bangs have taken over the internet, and people worldwide have started making it their own.

Wednesday Addams bangs

Why Is It So Popular?

The beauty of Wednesday bangs is their versatility. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, there’s a Wednesday bangs style for you. They add a touch of edginess to any look and are perfect for the autumn/winter season when we’re all about cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes.

Now, are you ready to jump on the trend train, Dah-ling? Let’s dive into HOW you can achieve this look with Number 4 Hair Care products.

Achieving the Look with Number 4 Hair Care

Number 4 Hair Care products aren’t magic potions (although they might feel like it!). They’re carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients to help you achieve top-performing results at the salon or in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some products to help you create the perfect Wednesday bangs:

  1. Smoothing Balm: Straight, sleek bangs are a key part of the Wednesday bangs look, and our Smoothing Balm is just the ticket to make that happen. It helps control frizz and smooth out your hair, leaving it looking sleek and polished.
  2. Non Aerosol Hair Spray: To keep those bangs in place all day, you’ll need a reliable hairspray without any stiffness. Our Non Aerosol Hair Spray is like having your own secret hair bodyguard – it provides an all-day hold and humidity resistance, ensuring your bangs stay perfect come rain or shine.
  3. Thermal Styling Spray: If you’re using heat tools to style your bangs, don’t forget to protect your hair first! Our Thermal Styling Spray shields your hair from heat damage, keeping it healthy and shiny throughout the day, and can also be used to restyle the next day!

Step-by-Step Guide to Wednesday bangs

Now that you have your Number 4 products ready, let’s get styling, Dah-ling!

  1. Start by applying the Smoothing Balm to damp hair, focusing on your bangs. This will help tame any frizz and give your hair a sleek finish.
  2. Next, spritz some Thermal Styling Spray all over before blow-drying your hair. This will protect your hair from heat damage when you use styling tools.
  3. Blow dry bang area with nozzle facing downwards and then hit with heat from the sides. If your hair has natural texture use a boar bristle brush to help smooth and straighten while blow drying.
  4. Finish off with the Non Aerosol Hair Spray to lock everything in place.

And voilá! You’ve got yourself some trendy Wednesday bangs. Now, go out there and strut your new look with confidence!

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