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WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU FEEL OUT OF CONTROL WITH YOUR HAIR 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

reconstructing hair masqueBonjour Dah-ling!

As the world is opening back up after what feels like a long winter hibernation, men and women the whole world over are looking forward to a much overdue reunion with our most trusted confidant. Yes, we’re talking about our hairdresser!

Are you bored of seeing your advancing roots on the zoom call? Have you spent so much time examining your own split ends that you’ve gone a bit cross eyed? We’ve got to admit though, it is a little bit addictive!

Now is the time to focus on getting your hair back in tip top condition.

And the excellent news is, if you’re struggling to get your stylist on speed dial because they’re booked flat out till what feels like next fall (it’s actually only a few weeks so chillax, cherie!) Number 4 rides to the rescue once more.

Unruly hair – do care!

For many of us, looking after our skin and hair during the last 12 months of lockdowns has become almost ritualistic – something to look forward to, and that’s great. Self-care is essential because nothing is more important than investing in YOU dah-ling.

Many of us have not only learned to embrace our out of control hair, but more importantly, finally discovered what makes it happy.

And surprise surprise… it loves hydration.

So we’re sending out an SOS and serving time on strays and split ends!

Here’s our top tips on how to give your hair the TLC its craving

  1. Hide your heat tools – the main culprit when it comes to causing split ends
  2. Invest in silk headscarves and pillowcases – excellent for minimizing breakage
  3. Look after your scalp health – just as you exfoliate your face, your scalp needs a rub-a-dub-scrub too
  4. Use an ultra-hydrating oil – it will stimulate circulation and follicles to encourage healthy hair growth
  5. Treat hair to a weekly reconstructing masque – designed to replenish, strengthen and smooth out of control hair
  6. Leave-in treatments and serums – great for detangling and minimizing breakage
  7. Switch up your side parting – this one little hack can hide a multitude of sins! Try it, we guarantee you’ll have your own WOW moment.

N4 Product Spotlight – Split Ends Savior

When it comes to reconstructing masques, N4 is hard to beat. If there’s one product we recommend you invest in to help tackle those unruly hair days, Number 4’s Reconstructing Hair Masque is a bit of a superhero.

The great news is, it comes in three different size options: our mini but mighty 1.5oz travel size, an all-new, a super convenient 3.5oz version that’s recently been added to the stellar product line up, and our mega 12oz size for all you committed masque devotees.

You can shop the Reconstructing range HERE and say au-revoir to your out of control hair.

Now if that’s not an excuse for another hair flip, we don’t know what is?

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