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In a recent blog interview with Number 4's very own brand director, Toni Wells, Lorna Umphrey shares with readers why N4 is one of her favorite vegan, hair care brands. Get the scoop on how the poetic and elegant Number 4 image came to be and what makes it stand out in today's competitive, eco-friendly market.


What inspired you to create a “pure” hair care line – free of preservatives and is 100% vegan?
Number 4 Hair Care was created based on the demand in the market for products that are Sulfate and Sodium Chloride Free, Gluten Free, Paraben Free and 100% Vegan as well as Anti-Aging and Color Protecting. We found a real need for products without glutens in them because so many people now are gluten intolerant, which extends beyond their food and into the products that they are using on their skin and scalp.

Consumers are also more educated than ever before about the benefits of clean products with high quality ingredients. They know the difference when they feel, smell and use hair care products and they don’t want to compromise on quality ingredients or performance. With Number 4 they have their perfect solution.

Was it a hard sell to offer a vegan line to the public and salons?

Not at all. It’s become a standard in hair care because many salons are coming to understand that their clients will only purchase vegan, cruelty-free products and since all products in the Number 4 line are high performance, customers don’t have to sacrifice quality for their philosophical values.

I personally love your products and I'm very picky on how hair care products smell. How would you describe the scents of Number 4 and what inspired you?

Number 4 fragrances are sophisticated, elegant and complex. We put a lot of time and care into selecting the right scents, which are inspired by high end fragrances that illicit a great experience for the consumer.

What is one of your favorite products and why?

Don’t have a favorite. I love them all! But, everyday I use Volumizing Shampoo and Condition as a base for my fine, color treated hair, which gives great lift, doesn’t weigh my hair down, yet still leaves it feeling soft and touchable. Then, comes a light mist of Thermal Styling Spray before I use any hot tools. Number 4 Thermal Styling Spray is great because it helps to set your style and hold it without any stiffness or flaking, but it can also be brushed out to style your hair in a different way the next day.

Okay, time to be honest, you have your own hair care empire, do you feel pressure to have perfect looking hair every day?

Yes, of course. I have hair challenges and some would say that I helped to create this line to fix myself and my fine, thin hair.

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