What’s the Deal with Texture Pastes?

What’s the Deal with Texture Pastes?

What’s the Deal with Texture Pastes? 590 581 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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textured hair, hair texture

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In case you haven’t noticed, texture is taking over. And while spray formulas get a lot of attention, there’s an entirely different genre of product that’s also worth exploring – hair texture pastes. Our personal favorite? Our Jour d’automne Texture Paste, of course!

Texture pastes give you more control.

We aren’t calling you a control freak…but when it comes to certain styles, sometimes you just need to take charge. Unlike texture products with spray nozzles that mist the product all over hair, pastes give you a little more control and a better understanding of how much product you’re actually using. Because it’s applied with your hands, it allows for specific placement, rather than an all-over dousing. The product can be manipulated to shape, mold, and sculpt your strands so your hair does exactly what you want it to do.

They work on all hair lengths – especially short hair.

While texture pastes work on every length, it works serious wonders on short styles. It adds dimension to a style, transforming dull, shapeless hair into the piece-y, structured cut it was meant to be. Think more modern pixie, less conservative politician. Pro Tip: Not in the mood for a matte finish? For a boost of shine, mix Texture Paste with a pea-sized amount of Texture Styling Crème to give hair a sleeker look.

textured hair, hair texture

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They have setting power.

Think hairspray, but with way more flexibility. You can use texture pastes to secure hair in updos that you don’t want to slip out of place. In fact, that’s exactly why we created our Texture Paste! Shares Number 4 Brand Director, Toni Wells, “Texture Paste came to be because we were seeing lots of textured styles and unique updos. We wanted to offer a styler that could give hold and dimension to these looks.” Bonus: Thanks to its anti-static properties, you can also use Texture Paste to gently tame stray hair and fly-aways!

They are the key to achieving bedhead.

Texture pastes give you a multitude of texture options. If you’re going for that perfectly disheveled and undone bedhead look, reach for the texture paste! It also works wonders on naturally straight hair, creating moldable grip that won’t fall out the moment you walk out the door. Start by curling small sections of hair for about 5 seconds each, curling in opposite directions as you go. This will give your locks more movement and separation. Once you’ve finished curling, add Texture Paste to ends to lock in your look.



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