Why Coronavirus is Not an Excuse to Have a Bad Hair Day

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Why Coronavirus is Not an Excuse to Have a Bad Hair Day

Why Coronavirus is Not an Excuse to Have a Bad Hair Day 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

BONJOUR DAH-LINGS! Luscious hair

Firstly we wanted to reach out with a message of love and hope. Everyone at Number 4 sincerely wishes, wherever in the world you might currently be quarantined or self-contained, that you and your extended family are staying fit and healthy during these challenging and unprecedented times.

N4’s Blogs always take a light-hearted approach and are packed with fun tips and advice. We want to keep that tone going through the unnerving days and weeks that lie ahead.  It’s more important than ever that we have some fun and yes dah-lings, that we maintain our usual high standards when it comes to grooming.

Don’t Let your Usual Standards Slip

Single ladies, the love of your life might just come knocking on the door with your next Uber Eats delivery. Do you really want to look like you’ve been binge-watching Netflix in your pajamas for the last two weeks? Barely a thought given to even running a comb through your hair, let alone treating yourself to your usual bouncy blow dry?

Whether you are working from home or are in self-isolation, getting up, dressing up and mindfully showing up every day will keep you feeling positive. There’s no better vaccine for stress and anxiety than nizagara and a healthy, positive attitude and fabulous hair.

A Chance to Heal and Repair

The coronavirus will surely test us all in one shape or another but we’ll come through the other side stronger than ever before. Hopefully, with gorgeous hair that’s had a chance to repair. Hair that’s healed itself a little, just like Mother Earth can hopefully do.

Remember that hair masques you’ve never had time to indulge in before? Well, now is the perfect time to show your hair some love. Let’s kick coronavirus into touch and do our best to stay quarantined in style.

N4’s 3.2oz Reconstructing Hair Masque is currently on sale. See, already there’s a glimmer of hope.  So grab your favorite box set and your fluffiest towel and dressing gown. Lather up with N4’s deeply restorative treatment, bunker down and enjoy some family time. Look forward to unveiling hair moisturized to the max, richly infused with a rich blend of soy proteins and Vitamin B5.

How to Maintain Great Hair at Home During the Coronavirus

We know you love your stylist and they love you too but it is OK to cancel your hair appointment right now. (Though your stylist would probably appreciate you purchasing a gift certificate for a future appointment. They are trying to take care of their families too.)

Social distancing is being advocated and medical experts are recommending that consumers cancel all but nonessential self-care appointments. Professionals value their clientele above all else and want you to feel safe and comfortable. So for now, it’s time to hone those blow-drying skills at home and maybe a chance to watch a few on-line tutorials. Why not read our How-To blogs to get creative with new styling techniques?

Always fancied trying out voluminous and glamorous curls? Well, now you can. Check out our Blog for the lowdown.

You can maintain great hair at home throughout the coronavirus. If you’re due for a routine trim or root touchup and are worried about how long it will be before you can head back to the salon, there are plenty of ways you can keep your strands healthy and strong in the meantime.

How to Keep Your Hair Color at Home

Worried that coronavirus is about to reveal your real hair color! Yup, we’re all thinking the same thing dah-lings! It’s giving us more of the night sweats than any virus ever could!

Check-in with your colorist. They might be happy to put a little at-home color kit together for you. Or for a very basic quick fix if you are stranded at home, raid your make-up drawer. A bit of powder or eye shadow might just do the trick.

The most important thing that you can do for your hair if you are quarantined at home is to show it lots of TLC. Conditioning treatments are perfect, as we already mentioned. Check out our extensive range of conditioners HERE.

The main thing is to stay happy, healthy, positive and take this time to nourish your bodies with immune-boosting foods, feed your soul with feel-good music, books and movies and take great care of your hair.

Bisous, Baci, Kisses


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