Winter Wedding Hairstyles


Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Winter Wedding Hairstyles 593 416 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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When it comes to getting married, June and September often steal the seasonal spotlight…but not so fast. Picturesque snowy backdrops, faux fur coats, and hot chocolate toasts are just a few of the elements that set the winter wonderland scene. But, as with any fairytale, a bride’s look isn’t complete without a manicured mane as enchanting as her special day.

If your special day involves falling snowflakes, you’ll want a hairstyle that works with the elements. While you won’t have to worry about humidity like the summer bride, hair does tend to get dry and static-y in winter. To avoid such provocations, pull your hair back or go with an updo, which is less likely to create static-driven issues. Here are a few of our favorite hairstyles taking over the winter wedding scene so far:



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The Textured Chignon

Wedding trends come and go, but the chignon has withstood the bridal test of time – and for good reason! It’s totally versatile, making it a style that looks good on pretty much everyone. You can experiment with different parts, the looseness or tightness of the bun, and different accessories. By adding some texture to this classic look, it adds a modern and natural touch for a result that looks truly effortless. The key is in making sure it doesn’t look too overdone – in fact, the more undone, the better!









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The Braided Beauty

Intricate and chic, a thick, single braid is the perfect hairstyle for the braid who can’t entertain even the thought of static cling. Whether you opt for a traditional braid or something more detailed, this look is a sure stunner. Pro Tip: to thicken up the look of the braid, add texture spray. Sugar Texturizing Spray will give your hair just enough grit to help even the softest strands stay put. To maximize sleekness and minimize shine, prep hair with Smoothing Balm and Fluoro5 Elixer.








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The Non-Traditional ‘Do

This fashion-forward hairstyle isn’t for every bride, but if your style is unconventional, prepare to fall in love. This ethereal, texturized ‘do is a statement piece in itself! How do you create all that volume without crunch? Styling Foam! It’s the secret to creating voluminous hair full of velvety texture.



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